The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year roughly 48 million Americans (one in six) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne illnesses. Moreover, foodborne illnesses cost over $50 billion each year!

Foodborne illness is caused by consuming food or drink that is contaminated by germs. Perhaps the food was not fully cooked or left out at room temperature. Perhaps someone who handled the food was sick or had germs on their hands. Even the simplest errors in food handling can cause someone to get a foodborne illness, and when this happens to two or more people, it is called a foodborne outbreak.

Educating food handlers is the best way to protect the public, food handlers themselves, and their families. Properly trained food handlers can improve food safety and reduce risks and behaviors commonly associated with foodborne illness and outbreaks.

HRBUniversal offers a wide variety of training & exam options in order for you to run a successful food safety programs at your operation:

  • AllerTrain™
  • NRFSP® Exams
  • SafeMark® 
  • ServSafe®
  • SURE™
  • TAP Series®


Our food allergy courses are designed to educate a wide variety of food handlers and non-food handlers. AllerTrain and AllerTrain Lite are the ONLY ANSI accredited food allergy training courses available today!

What does ANSI Accreditation Mean?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that creates voluntary guidelines for products, services, processes, systems and personnel in nearly every sector in the United States. ANSI accreditation assures consistency and integrity, providing AllerTrain certificate holders confidence in knowing that they have received food allergy training which meets rigorous training industry best practices and standards.

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Food Allergy Training is becoming more and more top of mind throughout the food service industry and today is required in at least 4 states.

Why get AllerTrained

  • 1 in 20 of your guests has a food allergy to at least one food

15 million Americans, or 1 in 20, have a food allergy to at least one food. In addition, food allergies amongst children increased by 50% from 1997 to 2011 and the number of food allergic children continues to rise.

  • Food allergy related incidents in restaurants can be restaurant ending

Studies show that 50% of all fatal food allergic reactions happen outside of the home. These incidents can result in civil cases that may be resolved at upwards of a million dollars and may cause insurance premiums to increase.

  • Food allergy training is already required in 4 states and pending in others

Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia and Michigan all have legislation passed requiring restaurants to receive food allergy training. Other states currently have legislation written that is pending approval.

  • Food allergies are considered a disability under the ADA 

Restaurants have the responsibility to have policies in place for accommodating food allergic guests. Those that don’t make accommodations leave themselves vulnerable to lawsuits.

  • Food allergy training allows you to display your due diligence 

Providing staff with food allergy training shows that your restaurant went above what was required and invested in comprehensive allergy training to educate staff. Should the unforeseeable occur, proving training had taken place could help if litigation were to ensue after an incident.

HRB360U® Food Safety & Enviromental Certification

HRB-360-Logo-with-Tagline-2The HRB360U® Food Safety & Enviromental Certifications will give you the proper food safety training to help you prepare for the nationally accredited certification exams of the ANSI-CFP (American National Standard Institute - Conference for Food Protection). Our food safety training courses are 100% online so you can take it anywhere with just a computer and Internet access.

HRB360U® Food Safety Manager Certification is powered by's Learn2Serve is an ANSI-CFP Accredited Examination Provider. After the course, please be sure to purchase the Learn2Serve Certified Food Protection Manager Certification Exam if you have not already done so. Please remember, your examination must be proctored. Once you enroll in the exam you should receive an email explaining how to schedule your exam with the nearest test center.

HRB360U® HACCP Program goal of our online HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) training is to help prevent issues with food safety before they occur, rather than after an incident has already taken place. By implementing this online training course, food handlers are able to be fully aware of potential risks with the food they are preparing.

NEHA® Food Safety Training

NEHA_Education_Training_LogoOur primary services enable restaurants and food service establishments to custom their training needs so you receive as much or as little food safety education as you need. Whether you're looking for food safety books to distribute to your employees, want to create an internal training program, or are looking to provide certification/recertification for your food managers and food handlers, NEHA Food Safety Training has what you need...all at a price you can afford.

We work closely with health departments and keep abreast of food safety trends so you receive the most up-to-date effective training on the market. In fact, a large percentage of our registered trainers are health inspectors themselves - and who better to train you than the inspection experts?

Unlike our competition, we not only assist you in developing a reciprocal relationship with your local health department, we also help you decipher/provide updates on the regulatory environment. No other training provider has such an integrated approach to protecting public health and, in turn, ensuring the viability of your business. We recognize that food safety is a significant commitment on everyone's part, and that's why we're dedicated to working with you just as you're dedicated to protecting the health of your patrons. Bottom line, your reputation deserves the best...your reputation deserves NEHA Food Safety Training.

NRFSP® Certification Exams

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NRFSP® Exams - National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is your most trusted choice in delivering prompt, cost-effective, personal certification to your managers responsible for food safety. National Registry is your go-to source for Food Safety Manager CertificationHACCP Certification and Food Handler Certificate Program. When you think food safety, think National Registry.

National Registry takes great pride in examinations and service delivery standards and practices. Customer service representatives are available via phone,  emaillive chat, and Twitter. When you contact National Registry, you won’t get an automated response. You won’t be forced through a series of operator prompts. You will interact with a knowledgeable customer service representative who will guide you through the entire process of purchasing items through the online store, ordering exams, administering and proctoring exams, or finding training and testing locations. Whenever you need assistance, you can count on personal service from the National Registry team.


SafeMark® Food Protection Manager Certification

updated-safemark-logo_supermarketsThe SafeMark® Food Protection Manager Certification program is customized to meet the unique training & exam needs of the retail food industry, including supermarkets, superstores, food warehouse outlets, limited assortment stores and convenience stores. FMI developed this program, working with experts who have been training retail food managers and employees for more than 25 years. The SafeMark® certification exam is available through the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. 

SafeMark® Guide to Food Safety Class & Exam - Updated to the 2013 FDA Food Code! Presented by nationally recognized experts, Guide to Food Safety: Manager Certification Training includes learning aids such as industry case studies, an updated in-text glossary, revised icons that highlight key concepts, new supermarket photos, quick reference charts for safe times and temperatures, a new Certificate of Completion, and more. This training book will give supervisors and managers the knowledge they need to achieve food manager certification through the accredited National Registry of Food Safety Professionals companion exam. View English sample pages | View Spanish sample pages

SafeMark® Guide to Food Safety Train-the-Trainer  Class - SafeMark Guide to Food Safety Trainer's Kit updated to incorporate recommendations from the 2013 FDA Food Code. Presented by nationally recognized experts, the SafeMark Guide to Food Safety Trainer's Kit is an excellent management level tool for trainers who are working with managers and associates requiring comprehensive food safety training. prevention of cross contamination and proper cleaning and sanitizing. Trainer’s Kit CD includes: • Nine Training Session Slides with Talking Points • an Electronic version of the Trainer’s Kit in PDF format with Hyperlinks • 8 and 12-hour Sample Training Agendas  View English sample pages | View Spanish sample pages

ServSafe® Training & Exam Programs

sstemplateRight for Your - Neighborhood establishments to international chains depend on ServSafe® for their protection.

Regulatory - ServSafe® training and certification is recognized by more federal, state and local jurisdictions than any other food safety certification.

Safety in Numbers - Over 65,000 instructors and proctors have chosen ServSafe® over the past 40 years.  Their expertise helps ensure the safety of your customers, your business and your staff.

Giving Back - ServSafe® profits are reinvested in the industry educational, outreach and advocacy programs.
ServSafe® Training & Certification Programs are the most current and comprehensive food, beverage and operation training programs in the industry.

The ServSafe® program is developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day. Your concerns are our concerns.

Our years of experience and inside knowledge of the foodservice industry are at the core of our courses, exams and materials. We can prepare you to handle food sanitation risks because we have direct experience with it. We also have reliable materials, flexible options, and expert food safety educators.



Instruis Publishing Company is founded on the belief that the world is safer and more secure utilizing the concept of perfection through education. James Egbert, CEO and Publisher announced, “We will produce a comprehensive series of training titles and support materials using our feature proprietary SURE™ system.”

SURE™ (Safe, Useful, Responsible Education) offers a complete cycle of training. SURE™ makes certain that the needs of employees, managers, and trainers are aligned.

Food Defense   |   Food Handler   |  Food Manager   |   HACCP


NEW Food Safety Manager Course 9.0 now available for Smart Phones, Tablets, and PC’s/MAC’s.
TAP® Series unique teaching process allows for a real-time uninterrupted learning experience by using colorful graphics, animations, full motion video, audio and interactive learning exercises. We provide this media rich training on any data connection, from the slowest dial-up to the fastest broadband. Major university studies show TAP® Series courses are so simple to use that people with virtually no computer experience use them easily. Educators appreciate the TAP® Series’ exceptional self-paced and self-teaching courses. The quality of these courses qualifies them for course credit while reducing already over-taxed time and facilities.
  • Are “Highly Recommended” (learn more)
  • Are “as effective as a college classroom course” (learn more)
  • “Achieve 100% first time examination pass rate”. (learn more)
  • Are “Preferred by students over a classroom course 9 to 1″
  • Cost less than most course books alone, and TAP is the recognized trainer!
  • Only national Food Safety Certification examination pass warranty offered (learn more)

NO download needed.     So easy to use, we have to warn you NOT to train and drive. 
Click here for a demo.     Click here to purchase.

Whether you are interested in TAP® Series courses such as our online Food Safety Manager Certification training or our online HACCP Certificate training for personal use, as credit or non-credit courses of study, or as opportunities to increase profitability, we are confident you will find the TAP® Series provides the quality answer.


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